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    • Over the course of our lives we experience a variety of symptoms which though perhaps not directly indicating a particular disease or pathological issue, can nevertheless can take a substantial toll on our quality of life. Common conditions such as insomnia, stress, and various addictions all fall into this particular category. Though often overlooked by conventional medicine, these subtle manifestations are often seen from the Chinese medical perspective as the first signs of imbalances that can evolve into serious health issues over time if left unaddressed, but can be avoided with preventative care.

      Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine put paramount value on disease prevention. In fact, in ancient China practitioners at the imperial court entrusted with taking care of the Emperor and his family were only paid as long as the royal family stayed healthy, being that it was their responsibility to be attuned to signs indicating a possible illness down the road, and use their knowledge of Chinese medicine to prevent it from happening.

      With its focus on preventative care by through acupuncture and herbal therapy, combined with relevant nutritional and lifestyle modifications, Chinese medicine has proven an extremely effective alternative treatment modality for many issues that while bothersome, are not considered alarming or severe enough by Western medicine. By helping promote optimal physical and emotional health, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, curbing addiction, and maintaining healthy sleep patterns and weight, Chinese medicine goes a long way in preventing serious health concerns and allowing people to lead happier, healthier, addiction-free lives.

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