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    • Vickie was a God-send. When I started my treatments I was in pain just trying to walk across a room. I have been getting acupuncture and taking herbs for a few months, and what a difference! I am feeling much better. I can get walk without pain again. I am forever grateful to Vickie for her time, talent and care. l cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life!


    • Making a decision to come and see Vickie at Jade and Cinnabar Center for depression, headache and digestive problems has been a major turning point in my life. Acupuncture and herbs improved my physical, mental and emotional health, and help me to stay grounded, balanced and calm in the face of life’s challenges. I am a stronger and happier person because of it. Thank you!


    • In July of 2010, I totaled my car while driving to work. Within 3 weeks, I was in severe pain stemming from my lower back. The pain radiated from my back through my hips and down the front of my leg. Over a period of 3 days from when the pain started, it quickly and unexpectedly got to the point where I could hardly walk and I could not lift my left leg. After spending a day in the urgent care, I was told I had disk space narrowing in 3 discs in my lower back.

      Shortly after, I had been recommended to Vickie at Jade and Cinnabar acupuncture by a close friend and co-worker. I had never gone to an acupuncturist in my life and wasn’t necessarily sure if I believed that they could help, but I was in so much pain and so desperate that I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. After all, it could not make my severe pain get any worse!

      When I first met Vickie, she had me fill out a 7 page questionnaire which asked about all different systems of the body and any other problems or stressors I may have. She really tried to understand not only the pain and symptoms I was having from the car accident, but also any other stressors or issues in my life which may have contributed to the pain, and even contributed to my accident.

      I went to Vickie weekly for a period of about 2 months in which she was able to help me significantly reduce my pain levels in my lower back and legs. I was surprised at how much the acupuncture helped me to recover in terms of getting me out of acute pain. She also recommended I see a chiropractor, as she said that acupuncture and chiropractic care worked hand in hand. I liked that she was knowledgeable and able to give me information on other practitioners who could help my condition improve as quickly as possible.

      As my pain levels improved week after week, she also began to use acupuncture to manage my stress levels, which were very high. She used not only the acupuncture techniques, but also a “coaching” strategy to help me. We talked at length through my sessions and she made me realize that my biggest problem in life is that as much as I have a ton of energy, I really needed to slow down in order to make sure that my “resources” don’t run out, as I am someone who in my past tended to stress myself out by running all over – mind and body. All of the energy that I have in life was probably the reason I totaled my car in the first place, as I was constantly rushing and running all over and trying to do more things than humanly possible in one day on no rest.

      I was impressed that Vickie, who is supposed to be “just an acupuncturist,” was able to help me improve my outlook on my life and make me convinced that I needed a new approach to day-to-day things and life in general if I wanted to preserve my greatest resource – which is the great energy which surrounds me and allows me to accomplish any task handed to me. As a result of not only her acupuncture but also her wisdom, I am today significantly less stressed and mentally foggy, and know how to handle my daily tasks without being frazzled or feeling rushed.

      I would highly recommend Vickie to anyone who is not only in severe pain and is looking for relief, but also who needs stress management and is ready to make changes in their life to improve themselves so that they can go through life much easier and efficiently. You have everything to gain by trying Vickie if you are looking to improve yourself in any way, physically or mentally.


    • Vickie has a magic touch when it comes to pain and stress. I always look forward to the acupuncture treatments knowing I will leave feeling better than I did when I walked in!


    • I went to Vickie for digestive issues I had for several years. I felt improvement after the very first session. I have received several treatments since then and I continue to improve. I also had neck pain from a car accident from years ago and she was able to completely relieve the pain and stiffness in just a few visits. I highly recommend Vickie for whatever health issues you might have.


    • Victoria’s acupuncture treatment literally overnight helped the hot flashes and night sweats that years of traditional medicine and hormone replacement therapy couldn’t resolve. My insomnia and nagging back pain have been eliminated with a couple of months of acupuncture and herbs. My quality of life improved both physically, and emotionally thanks to Vickie, who is a physician and a therapist rolled into one.


    • I highly recommend Victoria Segal for acupuncture treatment. I have been a patient of Victoria’s since October of 2008. I found her practice through the Internet. I was immediately drawn in by Victoria’s mission statement particularly the part that states “ to be your partner in a trusting, healing relationship that empowers you to use your inner wisdom, strength and courage to lead you on the path towards optimal health and truest potential.”

      My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 5 years. I had been to another acupuncturist in Manhattan, however I was not seeing any success. After 2 failed IVF cycles, I called Victoria. She said that she was not going to treat my infertility, but planned to get my body working at an optimal level. Within 4 months of working with her weekly, I started to feel great.The third round of IVF treatment, this time bolstered by the acupuncture, was a success. After an uneventful pregnancy, which I also credit to treatments with Victoria, this past October I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

      I am still a patient of Victoria’s because for the first time I really feel like acupuncture works. Victoria is extremely professional. She is very thorough and takes pride in letting her patients get the most out of their treatments. She has healing hands and with each needle I can feel the energy working.

      I have referred my husband, who was very skeptical of acupuncture, and he has been a patient of Victoria’s for about a year now. She has helped him with a bad neck injury and overall stress reduction. He is healthier and more relaxed and now is a believer and advocate of acupuncture and of Victoria. We are very thankful to have met Victoria and would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in acupuncture to see her.


    • In addition to headache, arm pain and stress relief, I feel acupuncture treatments had a great positive impact on my health, from better moods to better sleep.


    • Vickie is a true healer – gifted, intuitive, and compassionate. I came to see her for depression and anxiety because I was reluctant to take the drugs my physician had prescribed for them. I cannot believe the positive changes and the difference she made in my life. I’ve been to see other acupuncturists before, but I can honestly say, this is a completely different experience. I feel very lucky to have found her.


    • This was by far the shortest and easiest labor! Having acupuncture throughout the pregnancy certainly made a huge difference. Thank you so much for your care!


    • When it got to the point where I would have 4 or 5 headaches a week and my stress levels and PMS were out of control, my girlfriend, who was a patient of Vickie’s insisted I had to see her. I was very skeptical. I never had acupuncture before and didn’t think it could help where the conventional medicine did not. Frankly, the only reason I went to that first appointment was because my friend would not take a “no” for an answer and actually set the appointment up for me.

      Well, that was over two years ago. Within a few months of acupuncture treatment and taking the herbs my headaches were a thing of the past and the PMS symptoms were getting better with each cycle till they were gone as well. Even my rosacea which I thought nothing could help was greatly improved. All I can say, I went from a complete skeptic to a believer.

      Though the original issues I came to see her for are no longer an issue, along with all kinds of other health issues that also somehow just faded away in the course of treatment, two years later I continue to see Vickie for regular maintenance several times a year. During this time I was also treated by her for several health concerns that came up – digestion issues, back pain, stiff neck, overstrained arm and shoulder – always with great results.

      Moreover, I am feeling happier and healthier today than I had in years, and a lot of credit for it goes to Vickie and Oriental medicine. Vickie is a true healer and a person of remarkable compassion, patience, honesty and integrity, who is really passionate about what she does. I feel very grateful to have her in my life, and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is ready for positive changes in their life and health.


    • Between the acupuncture and the herbs I am feeling much better. My sinuses are clear, and the headache and pressure are gone. Thank you so much!


    • I came to treasure the way acupuncture sessions allow me to center and provide me with an overall feeling of relaxation and calm, and giving me a place to get in touch with myself.


    • I came to see Vickie three years ago for my irregular and very painful periods and PMS. I felt I had no control over my emotions starting a week before my period, and once it started the pain was so bad I would spend the first and sometimes second day of my period curled up in pain. My gynecologist has prescribed some pretty heavy pain medications, which helped the pain, but made me really groggy. So I started looking for an alternative and eventually found some information about Chinese medicine as a treatment for my condition.

      I was lucky to come across Vickie’s website and booked a treatment with her. She started treating me with acupuncture and later on introduced the herbs as a part of treatment. My first period after the beginning of treatment was a far cry the usual scenario. I felt a bit out of sorts for maybe a day before and then when the flow started there was some cramping, but it was nothing compared to how I usually felt. It got better from there. Vickie treated me for a few months, during which she regulated my cycle and managed to completely eliminate both PMS symptoms and pain! Not to mention I was feeling a whole lot better overall – calmer, clearer, more focused.

      Three years later I am happy to say I never experienced any period woes during this time. I continue to Vickie several times a year for “tune-ups” and occasional minor health issues. I feel very grateful to have discovered Chinese Medicine and especially lucky to have found Vickie – she is a terrific person and a great practitioner.


    • I am a healthier, happier and calmer person today due to my acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs and Vickie’s talent, empathy and unwavering support. I am a believer and would recommend Chinese medicine in general and Vickie in particular to anyone. Thanks a million!


    • Acupuncture has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I feel more balanced and clear while also losing weight. I am at a much better place both physically and emotionally. Vickie is a tremendously gifted and dedicated practitioner, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is ready to introduce some positive changes into their lives.


    • After failing to find conventional treatments that would effectively address my insomnia, anxiety and some menopausal issues, and wanting to find a natural healthier alternative, I turned to Chinese Medicine. I found Vickie at the Jade and Cinnabar acupuncture clinic through internet and I am happy to say my experience with her has been nothing but positive. Each session is extremely calming in and of itself, and the treatments, in combination with herbs, have contributed to what I’ve noticed has been a real decline in my anxiety and an increase in my ability to sleep well and through the night. I’m so pleased with the results and I definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with anxiety and insomnia. All I can say is I wish I had tried Chinese Medicine sooner.


    • I am a teacher’s assistant. I had suffered from back pain and knee pain for several years. I was in pain most of the time, but hated having to take painkillers constantly. Thanks to the treatments I am now able to get on the floor with the kids and stand back up again without pain for the first time in years. Vickie is a true miracle-worker!


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