• About our Florham Park Acupuncture Practice

    • Jade and Cinnabar Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine was created with a goal of helping patients restore their physical, emotional and spiritual health and vitality, and prevent future illness through the power of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in a transformative environment where holistic medicine is practiced with deep respect, thoughtfulness, integrity and compassion, in a way that allows true healing at the core level to take place.

      My practice philosophy is anchored in listening to your concerns with open heart and mind, without prejudice or judgment, recognizing the uniqueness of your journey towards health and balance, and using my knowledge, presence, words, and touch as instruments of healing. I’m committed to being your partner in a trusting, healing relationship that empowers you to let your inner wisdom, strength, and courage lead you on the path towards optimal health and fullest potential, and consider an opportunity to be a part of the journey and offer you treatment, guidance, support and hope along the way an honor and a privilege.

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