• Menstrual Disorders

    • Women’s bodies are complex. From puberty to menopause our physical and mental well-being are greatly influenced by our monthly hormonal fluctuations. The reproductive system influences and is influenced by other aspects of your physiology, meaning the menstrual cycle both affects and is affected by changes in your general health and your emotional health.

      Many menstrual and menopausal symptoms that women have come to accept as normal, such as excessively long, heavy or painful flow, irritability, mood swings, extreme sadness or emotional vulnerability, breast tenderness, cramps, clotting, night sweats, hot flashes, acne, nausea, digestive issues, and headaches, are actually signs of imbalance.

      Often, women are prescribed birth control pills at a young age to treat irregular periods or other menstrual irregularities, without addressing the underlying imbalance. After years of artificial hormones, many women find their periods may take a long time to return to normal, or in some cases may not return at all. Chinese medicine can treat the root cause, and many women are able to have normal cycles without artificial hormones.

      Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have addressed women’s health challenges for thousands of years, helping regulate menses and correct the rhythm and flow of the period by regulating qi, calming the nervous system, and supporting the endocrine system to bring the body back into balance, restore better hormone function, and alleviate or eliminate many of the symptoms often associated with menstrual cycle.

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