• Initial Visit

    • Our office hours for acupuncture, herbal treatments and consultations are by appointment only. New patients are welcome to use our online scheduling form, contact us by phone at (973) 476-2865 or e-mail us for information and to schedule appointments. We always do our best to accommodate your needs and schedule, and see you as soon as possible.

      At the onset of our initial session, I will ask a lot of questions concerning your health history, lifestyle, and current complaints. This inquiry allows to better understand not just your symptoms, but to identify the underlying patterns of disharmony that disrupt health, and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the root of the condition beyond temporary symptom relief.

      It is best that you have something to eat before an acupuncture treatment, but we recommend that you avoid eating large meals just before or after treatment.

      Since visual inspection of the tongue is an important diagnostic tool, it is important that you not eat or drink anything that will discolor your tongue prior to an acupuncture appointment.

      Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes to the appointment.

      Many frequently asked questions can be found on this website under FAQ. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email. It is a pleasure to welcome you to my practice, and I look forward to meeting and treating you!

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