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    • Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to enhance both female and male fertility for thousands of years. Recently the ancient medicine’s ability to promote and support fertility in a way that optimizes the chances for conception and full-term pregnancy naturally or in conjunction with ART fertility treatments is gaining wider recognition in the West, as more couples find themselves struggling with infertility. Research shows one-third of infertility cases can be attributed to factors affecting the females, another one-third stem from male-related issues, with the remaining one-third generally resulting from a combination of male and female factors or identified as unexplained.

      Even in the absence of diagnosed fertility issues, attempting to conceive can be an extremely emotionally charged process, and with fertility problems added into the mix, trying to get pregnant can turn into years of anxiety, frustration, and stress. Biochemical response to stress, in turn, leads to increased adrenaline production and decreased ability to use progesterone, elevated cortisol levels, which interfere with fertilized egg implantation, and increased levels of prolactin which inhibits ovulation. Furthermore, a hyper-stimulated nervous system diverts blood from the uterus and ovaries to the essential organs, diminishing the overall function of the reproductive system.

      Acupuncture can help promote fertility as well as support and enhance the effect of ART techniques like IUI or IVF due to its ability to reduce stress and offset its effects on reproductive hormones, rebalance the sympathetic nervous and the endocrine systems, stimulate endorphin and serotonin release, improve circulation to reproductive organs, reduce inflammation to facilitate embryo implantation, and prevent miscarriage. Whether you are struggling to conceive on your own, or seeking help from a fertility specialist, adding Chinese medicine into the equation can offer an effective, safe, and natural way to optimize your chances of conception and healthy full-term pregnancy.

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